First Blog Post

Published on 08/07/18

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Thank you for reading my first blog post! I feel a little nervous about writing but I am very thankful for all the people who have been so supportive of my art and so I want to put the effort into sharing photos and updating all of you with my current projects.

I recently went on a mini vacation to Norfolk, Virginia to visit friends. I had intended to do some watercolors but ended up really enjoying my trip and not even getting out my supplies or taking that many pictures. I was amazed at how fast time went by. I came home to a clean house and am looking forward to tackling some projects this next week. My goal is to get some more unpacking done, finalize my new business card design and pop over to the post office to mail a few things off to there new homes. I hope everyone enjoys their week and I look forward to updating you with what is going on art wise. Please note: Be forewarn you there is a good chance of cat pictures popping up.